Month: July 2021

What You Need to Know About the Best Oral Health Products

When you consider the wide array of oral health products available, you will find that there are many options for those who want to achieve and maintain optimal oral health.Whether you are a professional or an everyday person, there is a product that will make your oral health easier and more enjoyable.If you’re in the […]

Teenager’s parents get $1M settlement for medical negligence

A Pennsylvania teen’s parents have settled a $1 million medical negligence lawsuit filed against them for negligence caused by their teenage son’s dental care.The teen, who suffered a broken jaw and a broken nose, was admitted to a Philadelphia hospital in November 2010 and left for treatment three days later.The settlement announced Monday was made […]

NHL’s Oral Health Scholarship Program to Increase Access for Oral Health Scholarships

A new initiative by the National Hockey League aims to improve oral health in the United States.Beginning March 1, the National Oral Health Education and Promotion Act will allow organizations to offer scholarships for people who live in or work in underserved areas, or have been affected by oral health issues.The new initiative will allow […]

How to find the best oral health career for you

A career in oral health?Whether you’re a family practitioner or dentist, there are lots of options available to help you succeed in the field.There’s no shortage of information online, so here’s our pick of the best jobs for oral health.If you want to learn more, read our guide to the job market for oral care.‘Healthier’ […]

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