Month: September 2021

What’s wrong with oral health pictures?

Oral health images can be used to demonstrate disease and to convey an understanding of the condition.This is especially important for people who have already developed an oral condition, like Alzheimer’s.They are also an effective way to help people to understand their condition and to make an informed choice about treatment.What’s wrong?Oral health pictures are […]

How to Avoid Tooth Decay: The Best Oral Health Products for Your Family

Oral health products are the most important thing you can do to prevent tooth decay.And they’re also the most misunderstood.So, it’s time to take the first step toward keeping your oral health and dental health in good hands.Here are some oral health products that you should consider using.1.Lush Lotion (Aqua) Lush, the parent company of […]

New research suggests there is a link between oral health and the onset of dementia

The discovery of a link could have ramifications for a growing field of geriatric dentistry, a field that has traditionally focused on young adults, but which has begun to expand to include older patients with dementia. Professor Brian Sibley, from the University of Western Australia, and his colleagues examined data from the Victorian Cohort Study, which […]

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