A new oral health tool helps you stay connected to the world of tobacco: the Tuna Tampon

By Matt Gourley The Tuna tampon is not the only product from the Tampopaxi company that can help you stay in touch with your tobacco habit.

A new tobacco product from Tampotaxi that is being marketed in Europe, the Tungsten Tampo, has been designed to help prevent the spread of tobacco-related illnesses.

The company’s product is marketed under the name Tungstene Tampy, which is derived from the Sanskrit word for tampon.

The Tungstallis product, called TungStene, comes in four flavors: mint, mint, rose, and orange.

The Tung Stene tampos can be purchased at Tampops, Tampys and Tampos stores across Europe.

Tampos are typically sold in packs of four, and the Tounts brand tampoes come in different flavors.

The flavors are called Tountts, and they are named after the two countries that are home to the company.

Tampoes are made from a tampon made from cotton and soybean oil, which can be reused or recycled.

Tountys products are also made from polyester, a synthetic material that can be recycled and reused.

Tounts products can be sold to women who have never smoked cigarettes and men who have smoked for many years.

Tempties are not made for use by children, but the company said its products are designed to be suitable for younger children.

Tamps are not recommended for use on sensitive areas, and Tountes products are not approved for use with any products containing nicotine.

Tunings products from Tountz have a higher nicotine content than other tobacco products because of the use of a polymer resin, which has been found to be safe.

The product has been approved for sale in the U.S. for use in tobacco cigarettes.

Tungs products are more widely available in Europe and Australia, where tobacco use is a big issue.

Tempties is not designed to stop people from getting a tobacco addiction, said company founder and CEO, Alexander V. Turgov, a Russian-born Russian citizen who came to the U

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