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What’s in the Lourdes Oral Health Lourdea brand is made from, what does that mean?

Lourdas Oral Health is the brand name for oral health products.It is made of natural ingredients sourced from local and organic sources and is sourced from the Lours national brand, as well as the other Lourds products.The brand has a number of important ingredients, such as: 100% organic and natural ingredients

Teenager’s parents get $1M settlement for medical negligence

A Pennsylvania teen’s parents have settled a $1 million medical negligence lawsuit filed against them for negligence caused by their teenage son’s dental care.The teen, who suffered a broken jaw and a broken nose, was admitted to a Philadelphia hospital in November 2010 and left for treatment three days later.The settlement announced Monday was made […]

The world’s fastest growing oral health business

Enzyme has acquired Omo, a startup founded by two Harvard researchers who created a revolutionary new oral health system.Omo offers a suite of products for treating common oral diseases, including plaque, gum disease, gingivitis, and ulcerative colitis.Enzyme is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sanofi-Aventis Group.Omegano, the company that was acquired by Enzyme, is […]

Oral health problems

Oral health issues in adults, including mouth ulcers, are common.Some people who experience them are unable to get their medications to work or are prescribed medications that don’t work.But there are many other people who are affected.The problem is not limited to people who have been exposed to oral bacteria, but can be caused by […]

How to get dental care without having to leave the house

My oral health jobs include oral care for oral health and oral health products.But I’m also an oral health provider for patients and health care professionals.I’ve worked on more than 1,000 oral health screenings and have helped to provide oral health care to over 200,000 patients, including over 100,000 children and adolescents.The first job I […]

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