Health workers at Maryland’s busiest hospital are under fire for not providing enough oxygen

An oral health clinic at Maryland International Airport is facing criticism for its failure to provide oxygen for patients in need.

An editorial published Monday in the Baltimore Sun accused nurses and doctors at the Maryland Hospital Center of failing to provide enough oxygen for at least two patients in the ICU, which has a capacity of about 500 patients per hour.

The patients are in critical condition.

The hospital was shut down for three days in February after more than 400 patients died at the facility.

The hospital has since reopened.

The paper said the nurses at the ICUs at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport were “disappointed” and that the hospital is not doing enough to care for the patients.

The Baltimore Sun editorial comes days after another Maryland hospital closed its doors for about two weeks after more patients died, and three more hospitals have closed since last month.

The hospitals were in lockdown as the crisis unfolded, with staff unable to reach patients, let alone keep them alive.

In an emailed statement to The Washington Times, a spokesperson for the Maryland Medical Society told The Associated Press that the medical community was in a “state of crisis” following the Maryland hospital closure and said the nursing staff and patients were not being properly cared for.

The statement said the hospital was not required to provide ventilation, but that it was “under a directive to provide sufficient oxygen to all patients who require it.”

The statement added that nurses and physicians “were not properly trained or equipped to provide the necessary oxygen to patients at risk of respiratory arrest.”

“There are numerous examples of this in the past, including the ICYMI, which was closed to all but emergency personnel and staff, which led to an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in a group of staff and other patients in a hospital emergency room,” the statement said.

The American Society of Anesthesiologists told the Baltimore Free Press that it has not received any complaints about the lack of oxygen, and that it is a policy of the American Society for Anesthesiology to provide patients oxygen, even if it’s not required.

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