Oral health scholarships available for $6,000

Oral health advice is now available for the $6K-$7K range.

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The Oral Health Partnership, which was launched by the Prime Minister and is a partnership between The College of Oral Health, the University of Queensland and The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, is the first of its kind in Australia and will give students and people with oral health needs a pathway into the field.

The first cohort of 15 students will receive a $6k scholarship.

“The $6000 will be paid out as a grant, and will cover the costs of the first two years of attending and the costs for postgraduate study,” the University said.

The College of Osteopathic Medicine (COOM), the Australian College of GPs and other accredited dental health providers, will administer the scholarship.

The Royal Brisbane’s Faculty of Dental Medicine and the University’s Institute of Oral Medicine will also be involved in the programme.

“We believe that funding will go a long way to ensure that students with oral care needs can access this exciting new opportunity,” Dr James Cook, vice-chancellor of the Royal Brisbane, said.

“It is not a question of funding but of an experience of mentoring and helping students gain the confidence to apply.”

It’s not just the scholarships that are up for grabs for students.

The University’s Department of Dementia, and the National Oral Health Service will be giving out oral health advice.

“While the primary focus of this initiative will be to provide students with access to a dental service, the opportunity for them to gain additional knowledge through oral health coaching will be an additional opportunity to strengthen their oral health skills,” Dr Cook said.

Dr Cook said the initiative was being run in partnership with the National Centre for Oral Health and Development and the Australian Institute of Dentists.

The National Oral Hygiene Service will provide students a guide to oral health.

“Dental health coaches are trained to assist students in their practice, so they can develop the oral health experience that will help them achieve better outcomes in their career,” the College of Dentsicians said.

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