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Oral health grants to help prevent tooth decay

The oral health grants program is a vital component of the health care system, providing grants to local governments and community health centers to help with the health needs of those living in underserved areas.In addition to providing grants, the program provides support to dental hygienists and other professionals in helping prevent dental decay.The program […]

Why oral health is important

The idea of a healthy mouth is a simple one.But, as we’ve learned through decades of scientific research, we are all affected by the environment in which we live, as well as our food choices.And the health of our mouths is increasingly being tied to our diet and lifestyle choices, as researchers have shown.In recent […]

Dolphins’ Jameis Winston to be out for two weeks with torn labrum

MIA – Jameel Winston will be out two weeks due to a torn labral tear, according to the Miami Dolphins’ medical staff.The team announced Wednesday that Winston, who is on injured reserve with a torn ACL, is out for “a minimum of two weeks.”The team is still monitoring Winston’s progress and will announce the timeline […]

Why do oral health certificates need to be renewed?

The oral health certificate (OHC) has been used for more than 40 years to ensure that a person’s oral health is recognised and treated.It was introduced in the 1990s to help people understand how oral health problems could be treated, but its popularity has waned.It has become so popular that many health providers no longer […]

How to get oral health certification: Learn more about oral health certificates

This year, it’s been more difficult to obtain a dental certificate because of the recent coronavirus outbreak, said Dr. James M. Mottram, a professor of emergency medicine at Yale University. “So the dental profession is in a tough spot,” he said. While there’s a shortage of qualified doctors, there are also more people interested in getting dental […]

How to raise your voice, help protect oral health

In 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) called for the introduction of oral health strategies to address a global oral health crisis, saying oral health could be achieved by increasing access to oral health services, improving oral hygiene, and improving oral health outcomes.These strategies would involve the provision of oral healthcare services and/or support to […]

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