Parents say parents ‘laughed’ at ‘babies crying’ in playground

A group of parents say they “laughed” at their children crying at a playground in the Melbourne suburb of Bentleigh.

The group, comprised of parents, said they were upset by their children’s behaviour.

“It’s hard to comprehend that they are crying at their playground,” one parent said.

“I have two boys, and one of them is four and one is five.”

He’s crying like a baby.

I think it’s the only time they can cry.

“When they do cry, I think I would just stop them.”

But I’m not the one who has to stop them.

“The group said they felt the parents should have intervened sooner.”

You’re not just putting your kids in danger, you’re putting your own life in danger,” they said.

Another parent said she had “no control” over what her children did.”

They’re in a situation where they are scared of me, and they’re crying at the playground.

“If I have to intervene, I’m going to stop my kids crying.”

One parent said the group’s children had started to cry.

The BentleIGH playground has been closed until further notice.

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