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How to get your dental health insurance quotes

Csu Oral Health, a dental health resource provider in the San Francisco Bay Area, is offering free dental care to anyone who wants it.The program was created to help people with serious and preventable dental issues and is currently in its third year.The dental clinic is the only one of its kind in the Bay […]

What’s in the Lourdes Oral Health Lourdea brand is made from, what does that mean?

Lourdas Oral Health is the brand name for oral health products.It is made of natural ingredients sourced from local and organic sources and is sourced from the Lours national brand, as well as the other Lourds products.The brand has a number of important ingredients, such as: 100% organic and natural ingredients

When you want to keep your teeth clean and healthy, the dental clinic in rural California may have to step in

Posted January 01, 2020 15:25:32When you’re looking to get your teeth cleaned and kept looking fresh and healthy at the same time, the community health clinic at the center of the state’s ongoing water crisis may have an answer: the dental program at Lourdes Oral Health, in Alpine, California. According to the Los Angeles Times, the […]

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