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What’s wrong with oral health pictures?

Oral health images can be used to demonstrate disease and to convey an understanding of the condition.This is especially important for people who have already developed an oral condition, like Alzheimer’s.They are also an effective way to help people to understand their condition and to make an informed choice about treatment.What’s wrong?Oral health pictures are […]

Why do oral health certificates need to be renewed?

The oral health certificate (OHC) has been used for more than 40 years to ensure that a person’s oral health is recognised and treated.It was introduced in the 1990s to help people understand how oral health problems could be treated, but its popularity has waned.It has become so popular that many health providers no longer […]

How to get oral health certification: Learn more about oral health certificates

This year, it’s been more difficult to obtain a dental certificate because of the recent coronavirus outbreak, said Dr. James M. Mottram, a professor of emergency medicine at Yale University. “So the dental profession is in a tough spot,” he said. While there’s a shortage of qualified doctors, there are also more people interested in getting dental […]

Teenager’s parents get $1M settlement for medical negligence

A Pennsylvania teen’s parents have settled a $1 million medical negligence lawsuit filed against them for negligence caused by their teenage son’s dental care.The teen, who suffered a broken jaw and a broken nose, was admitted to a Philadelphia hospital in November 2010 and left for treatment three days later.The settlement announced Monday was made […]

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