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Which oral health practices can be improved?

According to a survey conducted by the Oral Health Practice Institute (OHPI), the prevalence of oral health problems is higher in women than in men.Researchers found that women who have suffered from gum infections, dental infections, or other oral health issues are more likely to suffer from oral health symptoms, including gingivitis and pain during […]

NHL’s Oral Health Scholarship Program to Increase Access for Oral Health Scholarships

A new initiative by the National Hockey League aims to improve oral health in the United States.Beginning March 1, the National Oral Health Education and Promotion Act will allow organizations to offer scholarships for people who live in or work in underserved areas, or have been affected by oral health issues.The new initiative will allow […]

How to get a taste of the oral health industry

In the past, a doctor was responsible for identifying and treating oral health issues, but now a specialist can prescribe a generic version of an oral health product, which usually means the brand is not the same as the one the doctor uses. The generic versions of some of the most popular products have been banned […]

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