Teenager’s parents get $1M settlement for medical negligence

A Pennsylvania teen’s parents have settled a $1 million medical negligence lawsuit filed against them for negligence caused by their teenage son’s dental care.

The teen, who suffered a broken jaw and a broken nose, was admitted to a Philadelphia hospital in November 2010 and left for treatment three days later.

The settlement announced Monday was made in a $3 million judgment against the parents, who say they suffered a great deal from their son’s care.

“We felt that he was being neglected and that we were being blamed for his condition,” said the parents’ attorney, Richard DeCaro.

The family was initially reluctant to accept the settlement, but they soon decided to accept it after they found out about it.

The parents say their son, now 16, suffered dental problems including a toothache, a blocked gums, and infections.

They say the doctors at St. Mary’s Hospital in Philadelphia did not adequately perform dental work on him.

They also say that in the months before his treatment, they did not have dental insurance.

“The hospital had no insurance, and the doctors had no coverage,” DeCaros said.

The boy had been in the hospital a total of 10 times in the two years before his hospitalization, but doctors did not perform his surgery on the last time he was admitted.

DeCaro says he wants to see the medical bills paid by the hospital.

“What we want to see is the hospital pay for the expenses that the parents incurred,” he said.

He says he hopes the parents can receive financial compensation for their losses.

“This is not just about the parents.

This is about the health of the people of Pennsylvania,” DeCarmos said, adding that he hopes to work with legislators to ensure that such settlements do not happen again.

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