The NHL will award a contract to a Boston oral health group

The NHL is making a major decision on a contract for a Boston-based oral health organization.

The team announced Wednesday that the Oral Health Foundation will be the official team-owned oral health care provider.

The contract is worth about $7.5 million, according to the team.

The foundation will serve Boston, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

It was announced Tuesday that the NHL would award the contract to the foundation after the league’s Board of Governors voted to approve it.

The league has awarded contracts to Boston-area teams in the past, but the NHL did not announce a new one this time around.

The deal was made possible thanks to a $2 million donation from Dr. Charles S. Johnson, the former head of the Boston Bruins’ team health program.

The Bruins’ board of governors unanimously approved the deal.

Johnson’s foundation has been involved in several charitable efforts, including the Boston Foundation for Cancer Research and a Boston Public Library-sponsored program that provides meals to children with cancer.

The NHL announced a contract extension for Boston-born center Ryan Spooner last month.

Spooner’s extension will be for a total of five years at a total value of $3.2 million.

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