The Oral Health Foundation’s new comic book, “Eyes in the Sky” is the winner of the 2018 World Fantasy Awards

This year, the oral health advocacy organization The OralHealth Foundation (TOHF) has teamed up with comic book company, Image Comics, to create an anthology of comic book characters that will be available for purchase in the comic book section of comic stores around the country.TOHf will present the first installment of “EYES IN THE SKY” at the 2018 WFA Convention in Las Vegas on Saturday, March 20.

This comic book anthology is titled “Eeyes in the Skies.”

The title of the comic was inspired by a line in the original novel by George Orwell.

The comic book includes characters like Dr. Edward J. Kain, a clinical psychologist with an obsession with UFOs, and Dr. Jamey Stegmaier, a physician who studies the neurological effects of the alien abduction experience.

Dr. Kains life has been marked by a series of bizarre occurrences.

He has become the subject of a media frenzy in which people from all over the world have come forward to describe how he had a vision of UFOs and how they had come into contact with him.

This fascination has caused a great deal of distress and confusion in his family.

He is forced to live with the guilt of having witnessed the abduction and its aftermath.

This anthology includes the following characters:Dr. Kinsman, a neuropsychologist, is one of the main characters of the story.

Dr Kain has a background in medicine and has been practicing medicine for nearly 20 years.

He lives in the town of Pimlico, Virginia.

His son, Dr. James, is a lawyer and has worked at the VA for nearly twenty years.

His wife, Dr Lizzie, is an orthopedic surgeon and has an interest in science.

Dr Halsey is the editor of a medical journal and works for a national insurance company.

Dr. Lizzi is a nurse practitioner.

Dr James is an OB/GYN.

Dr Gail is a physical therapist.

Dr David is a psychiatrist.

Dr Jameis wife is a psychologist.

Dr Edward is a neurosurgeon.

Dr Stegmeier is a neurologist.

Dr Michael is a pediatrician.

Dr James is a radiologist.

Dr Dr Michael has a degree in microbiology.

Dr John is a cardiologist.

Dr Robert is a professor of pediatrics.

Dr Stegs son is a paramedic.

Dr Halse is a trauma surgeon.

Dr Liz is a paediatrician.

The other major character in the story is Dr. Wollock, a psychiatrist and head of the American Psychiatric Association.

Dr Wollocks obsession with the UFO phenomenon has led him to believe that a number of aliens have been sighted in the sky in recent years.

In fact, he has personally seen UFOs before.

Dr John is one such alien.

Dr Edward is also a UFO believer.

In order to make the comic, TOHF created a graphic novel format in which each of the characters is a different person who has been impacted by an alien abduction and/or UFO sighting.

The characters include the following:Dr Edward Kain is a clinical psychiatrist who has an obsession for UFOs.

Dr Jameys son, James, has an affinity for UFOs and has witnessed an alien craft landing in his backyard.

Dr Wollocked is a physician and a psychologist who has studied UFOs and UFO sightings for decades.

Dr Kains wife is Dr Lizzy Stegmar.

Dr Mary Ann is a surgeon and a forensic psychiatrist.

Dr Charles is a medical psychologist and a family therapist.

Dr Lizzis son is Dr Michael Wollon.

Dr Robert is the director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

Dr Hales is the head of pediatric neurosurgery.

Dr Mary Jane is a doctor in pediatrics and a professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

Dr William is a geneticist and a pediatric neuropathologist.

Dr Charles is the chairman of the department of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Dr Joseph is a forensic neurologist and professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at Johns Hopkins.

Dr Christopher is a research assistant professor at Johns Wayne State University.

Dr Michael is the chief of forensic psychiatry at Johns Johns Hopkins School of Veterinary Medicine.

Mr Steg is a professional baseball player who is the son of Dr James Kain.

Mr Jamei is the father of Dr Edward Kains son.

Dr E.J. is a writer who has written about UFOs and other paranormal phenomena.

Dr Daniel is a graphic designer who has worked for years as a writer for publications such as Forbes, the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angles Times.

Dr Christopher is the author of a book titled “Alien: My Secret Journey with the Invisible Enemy.”

Dr Liza is a family nurse practitioner and is a consultant to the American Academy of

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