Which is the best oral health class in the country?

LANCET: A quick note on the title of this article: I think it’s the most misleading headline in the history of headline blunders.

If you are new to oral health you may be surprised by the number of words that are used in the title.

This article is not a review of oral health or the classifications of oral care providers.

I am only writing to help you make an informed decision about oral health and to make sure that you know the benefits and risks.

If your health is not in question, it’s best to talk to your primary care provider and/or a specialist.

Oral health can include everything from the management of dental problems to the management and treatment of oral diseases.

But, as we discussed earlier, the most important thing is that you seek out oral health care.

So I’d encourage you to talk with your dentist or your primary-care provider about your options.

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